I have an intelligence background (HUMINT), B.S. degree, and MBA/Finance from XXXXXX University.  I know my pedigree doesn’t lend toward McKinsey and the other top strategic consulting firms out there, but am very interested in getting into the commercial side of management consulting.

I’m currently doing change management and strategic advisory for public sector clients, but want to transition to pure commercial side as this was the reason behind getting my MBA.  My firm no longer does much commercial business and probably will keep down this path.

What would you recommend to someone in my position who wants to move to commercial side?

My Reply:

If you can’t move within your firm (which would have been ideal) and you’ve already got your mba (another natural cross-over transition point), then the only option I can think of is to look for a job at another firm that works for corporate clients… most likely doing the same kind of functional work you’re doing now (change management).

It’s much easier to move around within a firm and it seems like you’re being constrained by the limitations of your firm.

Also if you are permitted to do so, I would suggest blogging about your area of expertise – doesn’t hurt to establish a bit more “street cred” in how your functional skills apply to the private sector.