My Guide to the Personal Experience Interview (PEI)

Consulting firms, like McKinsey especially, use the Personal Experience Interview, or PEI, to assess whether your career and life experiences would enable you to work with clients effectively. Consulting is a relationship business. The case interview tests analytics.  So the PEI is used to measure whether you can handle the interpersonal aspects of a job in consulting.

Succeeding at the Personal Experience Interview is critical for passing the interview and obtaining an offer. Based on its importance in the interview process and all the questions I have received over the years on succeeding at the PEI, I have developed a Guide on how to do just that.

While my Guide is not available to the general public, it is available to you for a short window before this recruiting season.

Guide to the Personal Experience Interview Contents

  • Guide: 25+ pages with techniques, examples, and frameworks on succeeding at the PEI
  • Video: My corresponding video presentation on how to pass the PEI
  • Transcript: The transcript of my video is included for additional study
  • Appendix: Example of a full-length distinctive story for reference as you develop your own personal experience stories for your interviews
  • Bonus: Personal Experience Checklist

Practical Details

  • The investment for my Guide to the Personal Experience Interview is $47.
  • The program is delivered digitally.  You will get download instructions within 15 minutes of purchase.
  • We use industry-standard MP4 and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that can be used across all major computing platforms.

Get an edge over other candidates by preparing for your Personal Experience Interviews with my comprehensive Guide to the PEI.