How to Break Through the "Asian Glass Ceiling"

I often hear from my students of Asian descent that they struggle to advance in their careers in a Western culture, or break through the so-called “Asian glass ceiling.” 

There are specific tools and techniques you can use to break stereotypes, build relationships as an “outsider,” and develop leadership skills to overcome this common challenge. I conducted a class on this topic in order to share these tools and techniques with you. This class is now available to you for a limited time.

Here are the details:

How to Break Through the “Asian Glass Ceiling”

In this class, you will learn what you need to know to succeed and advance as an Asian in a Western culture, without having to commit weeks or even days to learning these skills. In under 3 hours, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamentals – what the “Asian Glass Ceiling” is and why it is so difficult to break through;
  • The 15 key things to do for immediate change – what they are, how to think about them, and how to implement them;
  • The 13 qualities of a leader and how to develop these;
  • The main stereotypes of Asians in Western culture — what they are and the key to breaking them (Hint: it’s not what you think!)
  • The secret to productive conflict (you can do this without being aggressive or confrontational!);
  • How to disagree without being disrespectful;
  • Steps you can start taking right away toward developing and improving your gravitas and leadership skills;
  • How non-Asians can support Asians in breaking through the “Asian glass ceiling.”


  • Your investment for my “Asian Glass Ceiling” Breakthrough program is $77.
  • Program Files include Video, Audio, Transcripts, and Resource List.
  • We use an industry-standard format for use across all major computer platforms and mobile devices.

There can definitely be additional challenges for Asians in a Western culture.  To learn how to overcome these challenges, advance your leadership skills, and maximize the gravitas you exude in your career, take advantage of the opportunity to get this program today.