Below is a success story from a student that just received a BCG offer. In his story he shares tips on how to handle a BCG consulting interview.

Success Story:

I had my BCG interview (only shortlist among the top 3), and received an offer, it feels great to have been able to deliver on crunch day.

Here is a bit more on my experience and the BCG interview process.

The interview process: I had 5 case interviews before I was extended the offer, and while that seems a lot, one thing I realized is that you tend to get better with every interview. You start building momentum and confidence as interviews go by.

My first interview was pretty average as I was a bit jittery, but subsequent interviews went very smooth. And the unique thing about BCG is that they don’t really care for frameworks. in fact, none of my interviews really required extensive use of a framework. Basic 5Cs, 4Ps sufficed for the most part.

One thing that definitely helped me though was your advice on segmentation – on how we need to segment the operations either byproduct, or customer or region or channel. This was of tremendous use in one of my interviews – and without this segmenting I would’ve arrived at a completely different answer. Thank you for that.