Coach Bios

Who are the former interviewers that will be my coaches ?

One thing clients love about my coaching service is that all coaches are former interviewers at McKinsey, Bain or BCG. I have hand-picked and trained each one to conduct interviews in a way that is consistent with my Look Over My Shoulder program. All are well-versed in both the interviewer-led and candidate-led interview, so you many decide to work with any of these coaches whose availability matches your schedule:


Pete is a former Senior Associate Consultant with Bain & Company and has conducted over 3,500 case interviews. He joined Bain as a summer Associate Consultant Intern, for which there are very few spots. One of his projects won Bain's North American Results Challenge for greatest economic value delivered to any client that year. Pete has coached aspiring consultants in 30 countries and has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders on professional skills development for a Top 10 career podcast.


Jo is a former Senior Associate with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in their London office. She has conducted over 1,000 case interviews. Jo holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master of Engineering from the University of Cambridge. She has interviewed candidates for roles in Product Management, Account Management, Customer Services, Design, and Data Scientist, and hired over 50 people for startups.


Ben is a former Junior Engagement Manager and interviewer with McKinsey, where he focused on strategy and operations work for Telecom & Technology clients across Europe. Ben helped recruit MBA- and Ph.D.-level candidates while at McKinsey and led multiple Ph.D. recruitment and case coaching workshops. Ben has conducted over 2,000 mock and real case interviews, and he's helped hundreds of MBB candidates secure an offer. As an entrepreneur himself, Ben is currently supporting multiple early-stage startups with strategy development, pitching, and presentation skills.


Brian is a former McKinsey Engagement Manager in the Public & Social Sector Practice and Strategy & Corporate Finance practice. He has been intimately involved with all aspects of McKinsey's recruiting process in the US and Asia, from (1) screening / selecting resumes, (2) to interviewing candidates at all levels, and (3) mentoring students and associates in navigating the recruiting process. Brian has conducted nearly 2,000 case interviews and has a range of interview experience, including banking, private equity, technology, and different types of consulting.


Nate is a former Senior Manager with Bain & Company, where he conducted thousands of case interviews for undergraduate, MBA, advanced degrees, and experienced hires. One of his responsibilities during his tenure at Bain was training new interviewers in his office on how to deliver and assess case interviews. His case experience at Bain was broad, and included strategy/value creation, large-scale corporate transformations, and Private Equity due diligence for retail, technology, industrial goods, consumer products, and financial services clients.


Jenny is a 6-year BCG veteran and former BCG Project Leader and interviewer. Though primarily based out of BCG’s Chicago office, she spent 2 years internationally in multi-month project assignments in Dubai, Budapest, New Delhi, and Tokyo. Her primary casework focus was on consumer marketing, operations, and company organization. In addition to her BCG Project Leader responsibilities, she was heavily involved in BCG Training and Recruiting and has conducted over 1,800 real and mock interviews throughout her career.


Jerrod is a former consultant with the BCG NYC office, where he focused on financial institutions, people and organization, and strategy. He has worked closely with diversity recruiting around the U.S. for the NYC office and knows the process intimately. He has conducted over 650 interviews ranging from official BCG interviews to mock interviews of all firm types. He places a large emphasis on connecting with the interviewer and having a strong issue tree.


Meghan has 5 years of management consulting experience with BCG and two boutique consulting firms in the US, Europe, India, Middle East, South America, and SE Asia. She has managed a team of pre- and post-grad MBA consultants, and has been extensively involved with office-specific and national recruiting. Meghan has conducted over 1,500 case interviews.


Harry is a former Engagement Manager at McKinsey and has conducted over 2,500 case interviews. He started as an Associate at McKinsey, joining the firm after graduating from Harvard Business School. While at McKinsey he focused primarily in retail and manufacturing. Harry is well-versed in both candidate-led and interviewer-led case studies, having served as a resume screener and on-campus interviewer.


Mahvin spent over 5 years in management consulting with BCG and Accenture. He specialized in Banking, Digital, and M&A topics. Mahvin has since gained 4+ years' experience in case interview coaching, with a focus on detailed feedback and a tailored approach in his coaching sessions. He has conducted over 2,000 case interviews, and is currently working in e-commerce.