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One of the reasons ex-consultants do so well in industry is because they use the skills they developed as consultants in their industry roles. In most of the companies I’ve worked for, some companies up to 1000 employees, some smaller (in the couple hundred-employee range), I was generally one of maybe 2 or 3 people in the entire company that had this level of skills. The other person was usually the CEO, maybe one other person at most. If you haven’t spent years working in consulting, there is a shortcut to learning the exact same skills, and I share this in my second Ultimate Consultant Toolkit: How to Thrive in a Corporate Environment.

This Toolkit is a continuation of my first Ultimate Consultant Toolkit, with additional modules for your success. It is a training program designed for new consultants and industry professionals that want to develop McKinsey, Bain, or BCG caliber consulting skills to really accelerate their careers, both in consulting and in industry.

The toolkit consists of 8 modules, each designed around a specific skill set. Here is an overview of each of those 8 skill set areas so you can see what you’ll discover in this toolkit:

Module 1 – How to Present Effectively on Stage, in a Conference Room or Across a Desk
This module is about how to present effectively, and covers the core principles for being an effective presenter.

Module 2 – How Accountability Works in Corporate Environments
How do you hold people accountable for getting their work done in a corporate environment? What is the cycle for how work gets done, particularly at the upper levels of the company? There’s a rhythm, a cycle, and a schedule to how that whole process works, which is important to understand and know how to ask the right questions to determine what the cycle looks like in your particular organization.

Module 3 – How to Navigate Corporate Politics
Politics is really just another word for working with people who sometimes have differing agendas. To the extent you want to be effective in a corporate environment, you need to understand how to read the political situation and how to navigate it, and in Module 3, you’ll learn how.

Module 4 – Winning the War for Talent – Considerations in Human Resource Strategy
If you want to be effective in dealing with the people issues a CEO faces, you need to understand how you win the war for talent — human resources from a strategic standpoint. Module 4 covers all of the key issues and considerations that go into those kinds of decisions and discussions in depth, so that you can participate in those kinds of discussions as well.

Module 5 – Core Concepts in Marketing and Brand Strategy
How do the C-level marketers and upper echelon executives think about marketing? What are the big issues? What are the things you can never screw up? What are the things they are paranoid about? This module gives you a crash course on how to deal with a marketing executive and about how to be effective with the head of marketing.

Module 6 – How to Design, Create and Analyze a Sales Force Model (and establish deep credibility with sales executives)
Module 6 tells you about all of the considerations in designing a sales model, a sales distribution channel, how to think about them, what the tradeoffs are, and really educates you on the things that you don’t know you don’t know. It’s a great introduction to sales force analysis.

Module 7 – Career Strategy – Filling the Leadership Vacuum
One of my favorite career strategies is “Filling the leadership vacuum.” It’s a technique to really jump up very quickly as a rising star in your organization, and a strategy I used multiple times very successfully.  This strategy is covered in depth in Module 7.

Module 8 – Power: How to Acquire It, Borrow It, Use It
If you want to be effective in your career, you need access to power. I’m not talking about electricity here; I’m talking about power or gravitas, and being really powerful inside your organization. You can either acquire it formally, or you can borrow it from other people, and ultimately I’ll teach you how to use it really effectively. Module 8 shows you how to be a power player, which is really important if you want to be a rising star in your field.

The Ultimate Consultant Toolkit 2 is really a form of career insurance. The key to employment is employability. Employment is about keeping the job you have; employability means having a job whenever you want one. And the key to being employable is to have valuable skills, particularly valuable skills that are in short supply. The skills I cover in this Toolkit are skills NOT commonly held in industry.

But these skills are very valuable and rare. When you can cross-integrate these different kinds of functional skill areas, it gives you enormous breadth in covering a huge range of issues. In consulting, it may take years to gain these skills, and people in industry generally never get exposure to these cross-functional skills until probably about year 20 or so in their careers. And then, only if they are a high-flying rising star do you see them at years 20 and 30.

The Ultimate Consultant Toolkit 2: How to Thrive in a Corporate Environment is a downloadable program with 8 video files that cover about 7 hours of video. In addition, transcripts for each of the 8 modules are included in PDF format. After you order, you’ll get access to all files within 15 minutes.

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