Extreme Revenue Growth

Startup Secrets to Growing Your Sales From
$1 Million to $25 Million in Any Industry

By Victor Cheng,
Founder CaseInterview.com
Available in Paperback

How to Create, Manage, and Sustain Extreme Revenue Growth

What Separates the CEO’s that run hyper-growth companies from those running slow-growth ones? What do they do differently that matters?

I deconstruct the management practices used by fast-growing technology companies and adapt these practices for use in other industries.

While most business books tout one new big idea that will magically solve your problems, Extreme Revenue Growth provides a refreshingly different and practical approach, combining many cross-functional practices to create a blueprint for explosive growth.

The big secret to growth isn’t getting your strategic planning, sales, marketing, R&D, operations or human resources right. The big “secret” is getting them all right at the same time.

Optimize any one functional area for growth, and you get modest growth. Do it all at once, and you get a multiplier effect that triggers rapid growth. In Extreme Revenue Growth, you’ll discover how.