Finding A Case Interview Practice Partner

A question I receive quite often is: How to practice case interviews alone if I don’t have a practice partner? Frankly, it is hard to practice case interviews on your own, which is why I created my free online service for finding practice partners –

This resource helps you find, practice with, and get feedback from partners for the case interview. This service is completely free and also includes sample cases that you and your partner can use to practice with each other.

These cases are written to allow an inexperienced interview, such as you or your partner, to give a case and assess an answer in a way that’s comparable to a real interviewer. This approach is based on teaching approach that I’ve used in my Look Over My Shoulder Case Interview Prep Program and elsewhere in my work. is completely free and easy to use. It allows you to build a profile, enter your availability, and search for partners all over the world. The system does all of the time conversions for you, so you can find partners to conduct mock case interviews with whenever you have time to practice.

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Read what some of our 120,000 students have to say:

"I would like to congratulate you on putting together a fantastic resource set for all of us to prepare for consulting interviews.

I feel that one resource that hasn't been appreciated enough is Using this website, I was able to practice with partners from all over the world and with all sorts of backgrounds. I also made several very good friends along the way, and now I have friends spread across the entire US. We have worked with each other through the fun and stressful times during the prep and interview process. Although, I got the offer, I am still working with some of them to help them prep for the interviews in the following weeks. I am sure that they would have done the same for me. I couldn't have practiced efficiently without this website.

Thanks again for the amazing resources that you have created for us all!"
“I am writing to share the good news that I have received an offer from BCG SF. I don't believe I could have done it without all the resources that you provided on your website. Two things that helped me the most were: 1. the case interview partners site where I found many incredible case partners 2. the case coaching sessions with Jenny who literally saw my improvement from ground zero.”