Do the frameworks you present have to be modified for non-profit cases? i.e. is there anything different with a non-profit client that I need to expand the standard frameworks to address?

My Reply:

In general, I use similar frameworks but add a metric called “mission” — as in did you accomplish your mission as a charity. Charities still need to run profitably (or at least at break even). If they can stay solvent financially and accomplish their mission (however they measure that), that’s a good outcome.

It’s possible you’ll need to create a customized framework if the problem isn’t say purely a profit improvement problem or a market entry problem. In fact that’s probably more likely for a non-profit case, than a for profit case.

Also sometimes you’ll find that a non profit has multiple “customers” like donors, the people they provide service too, etc… so you may have to do analysis regarding potential donors as well as the people the charity serves.