Gravitas Over Zoom

Public Speaking via Webinars
& Video Conferences

The world has changed so much since the start of the pandemic. For professionals, these changes have included a switch from in-person meetings and presentations to web conferences and Zoom meetings for most, if not all, events. While many of you have my program on How to Develop Gravitas, I have received a lot of questions from my students about how to develop executive presence, or “gravitas,” in this online medium. 

There are specific tools and techniques you can use to establish and exude gravitas in your web presentations and meetings. I conducted a class on this topic in order to share these with you. This class is now available to you for a limited time.

Here are the details:

Gravitas Over Zoom: Public Speaking via Webinars & Video Conferences

In this class, you will learn what you need to know to successfully exude gravitas in web and video meetings, without having to commit weeks or even days to learning these techniques. In under 3 hours, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamentals – Zoom settings, technical setup, and equipment I recommend;
  • The eight key techniques for content delivery – what they are and how to use them to exude gravitas;
  • Five strategies for gravitas as a meeting participant – how to engage and be seen a peer among more senior executives;
  • The five elements of voice — what they are, the importance of each, and how to practice;
  • The secret to gravitas from a low-power position (you can do this without being inauthentic or arrogant!);
  • How to engage your audience without being in the same room with them;
  • Steps you can start taking right away toward developing and improving your presentation voice to project power and reassurance;
  • How to structure your content to add value to your audience so you are perceived as a senior executive, even if you’re not one.


  • Your investment for my Gravitas Over Zoom program is $77.
  • Program Files include Video, Audio, Transcripts, and Resource List.
  • We use an industry-standard format for use across all major computer platforms and mobile devices.

These days, we all have additional challenges in needing to present and meet in an online medium.  To learn how to develop and maximize the confidence and gravitas you exude in your webinars, take advantage of the opportunity to get this program today.