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My Insider Secrets program will help you better understand how case interviewers think. Now, I wanted to let you know about a powerful set of tools that can help you master the mental math and business math skills that interviewers are watching for. Read on to learn more…

How to Do Case Interview Mental Math
Fast, Accurately, and while Under Enormous Pressure

Some things in life are NOT natural. Doing math computations in your head, while an interviewer is staring at you, with the prospect of a $100,000 or $225,000 job offer at stake and your entire career future at stake, is NOT a natural act.

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I have received numerous emails from PhDs from MIT in Physics and Engineering who failed a case interview because they made a computational error. Obviously people with perfect GRE scores can do math taught to 11-year-old children, but doing it UNDER PRESSURE with another person in the room, staring at you, waiting impatiently for the answer, is an entirely different experience. In a case interview, 95% of the time a single mental math error results in an automatic rejection. This is because firms like McKinsey, Bain and BCG can not take the risk that you will make a mental math error in front of a client that’s paying them $1 million a month for your and your colleagues’ time. If you are even considering a career in consulting, I can guarantee you that you already know enough math concepts to pass the case interview. It’s called addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In consulting, we also often use percentages. That’s 90% of the math we use in the case interview. Clearly, you already know how to do that. What you may not know how to do, or have enough real world experience doing, is doing such computations in your head, using large numbers. Because so many people struggle with the mental math aspects of the case interview, I’ve put together a very useful and immediately applicable video tutorial on how to do case interview math quickly and accurately while under pressure. In my Mental Math Fast! video tutorial, I cover:
  • How to recognize when you don’t need to actually do computations to answer the qualitative question the interviewer is asking
  • Different ways to simplify math problems that will increase computational speed and accuracy
  • A simple strategy for being able to remember complex numbers in your head (after all, if you do the math correctly, but forget the actual values to use, you will get the wrong answer)
  • How to tell when an approximation is “good enough,” versus when you need to perform the precise calculation
  • How reversing the order of some calculations will often get you a faster answer

The Comprehensive Guide to Case Interview Math
(For Candidates with Limited Business Backgrounds)

  The case interview is NOT a computational test. It is a thinking test that happens to involve computations. So the first decision to make (with regards to when to perform a calculation during an interview) is: Do you actually have to compute anything at all? How do you make that decision about whether or not to make a computation? But knowing when or when not to perform a calculation is only the first part of how to master the math portion of your case interview. There are many other strategies and techniques to learn and understand in order to successfully pass the case interview. You do NOT need an MBA to Pass a Case Interview What you do need to know are the basic math concepts used in business (and their mathematical expressions). This does not take a two-year MBA to learn. It takes about 2 – 3 hours to grasp the business concepts used in 80% – 90% of case interviews. When you know the basics, you will be on equal footing with a Harvard MBA 80% – 90% of the time. In my Comprehensive Guide to Case Interview Math, I identify and explain in simple terminology the most frequently-used business concepts (and the math behind them) in case interviews. Mental Math – Fast! includes:
  • A video tutorial showing you these mental math strategies and tricks, how and when to use them, and how to practice them in preparation for a case interview
  • Transcripts from the video tutorial
  • Presentation slides for easy reference
  • Instant Recognition Math Reference Handout – a quick guide to figuring out which mental math approaches to use in specific situations
The Comprehensive Guide to Case Interview Math includes:
  • 2.5+ hours of Video Instruction
  • Transcripts of the Videos
  • Presentation Slides
  • Business Formulas Variations “Cheat Sheet” Handout covering the most commonly used business formulas and ratios and identifying the various ways these formulas are used
Order the Deluxe Mental Math and Math Guide Toolkit for $57.60
By clicking the green button above, you are authorizing a charge of $57.60 and adding the Deluxe Mental Math and Math Guide Toolkit to your package.

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