Below is a success story from a student that received a LEK internship offer recently, she elaborates on how my free videos helped in her preparation and the importance of the concept of developing a consultant mindset in your preparation.

Success Story:

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing materials that you have put on your website.

The LEK interview being the only consulting interview I had (since in [my country] MC firms very rarely do internships) I had a lot of pressure to do well and get the job.

Watching your videos was the thing that really got me through. I actually used your website in the fall, so before these new features that you have added, and it was still amazing!

The most important take away from the videos (at least for me) was the mindset of a consultant. Without that I don’t think my case study preparation would have been the same.

The fact that I was able to understand the way consultants thought about things, and alter my way of thinking gave me a greater chance of success! At the end I got a summer internship from them and ended up with an offer!

Couldn’t have done it without your materials! Thank you!

My Response:

Congratulations on getting the internship offer, doing well on the job, and then getting the full-time job offer as well.

As you pointed out understanding how consultants think really helps one fill in the gaps in their knowledge about the interview process.

As a group, management consultants are ridiculously predictable — so once you understand their tendencies and biases it is actually pretty easy to understand what they do, why they do it, and anticipate what they would do under certain circumstances.

I suspect your broader understanding of the consulting field (and those in it) likely helped you do well during the internship itself.

Once again congratulations on the LEK internship offer and thank you for sharing the great news.