Success Story:

1. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have been invited to join McKinsey as a Junior Associate.

2. Thank you for everything, because I didn’t do anything else! What I did do:-

(a) Bought the LOMS program 10 days ago and just about managed to get through half of it during my daily de-stress walk.

(b) Went through your case interview secrets videos which were a tremendous help… I absorbed your style of handling cases as much as possible.

(c) Went over the frameworks a couple of times. I had decided to go with a commonsense approach rather than risk becoming a framework junkie which you repeatedly warned against!

(d) I have also religiously been reading your emails everyday, because sometimes that’s all I had time for!

(e) I got through half of Case in Point and half of the sample PST (mckinsey problem solving test).

(f) Did one practice case with a live(telephone) partner. Thanks to your profitability case video, he was amazed at my first interview performance!

3. I’m not sure which of the above made the biggest difference, but 80% I can attribute to you 🙂 So thanks again, and I am looking forward to your guidance on how to be a successful consultant.


My Reply


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