How to Motivate Other People

(Without Being Bossy)

As you rise to greater levels of responsibility in your career and beyond the role of individual contributor, more of your work is done through other people than is done on your own. But what if those other people don’t seem motivated to take action toward accomplishing a goal? How do you motivate them to move forward so you can be effective?

This aspect of managing other people is one of the concerns I have been asked about most often. There are specific tools and techniques you can use to motivate other people in a way that does not present as demanding or bossy. To share these tools and techniques with you, I conducted a class on this important topic, and it’s now available for a limited time.

Here are the details:

How to Motivate Other People (Without Being Bossy)

In this class, you will learn what you need to know to successfully motivate other people without having to commit weeks or even days to learning these techniques. In under 2 hours, you’ll discover:

  • The fundamentals – the reasons people get demotivated and why it’s important to identify those reasons;
  • The four most common types of demotivation – what they are and how to address each one;
  • Five simple steps for managing a request that motivates others – how to initiate and manage a request for others to help you achieve your goal;
  • The four aspects of an effective request — what they are, the importance of each, and how to incorporate them;
  • The secret to initiating a request that motivates the other person (you can do this without seeming demanding or bossy!);
  • How to negotiate effectively in a way that motivates the other person;
  • My process for resolving conflict to collaboratively find a solution; 
  • Steps you can start taking right away toward addressing relationship problems with your direct reports;
  • How to identify and resolve mismatches between skill level and work difficulty to increase the motivation of direct reports.
  • Your investment for my How to Motivate People program is $77.
  • Program Files include Video, Audio, Transcripts, and Slides.
  • We use an industry-standard format for use across all major computer platforms and mobile devices.

As a rising star in your career, additional challenges can be expected when managing other people. To manage them effectively and continue rising in your career, it’s crucial to understand how to motivate others. Learn how to develop and maximize your skillset in this area, and take advantage of the opportunity to get this program today.