The most powerful network in the world is not Facebook.

Facebook is just a tool to stay in touch with people you already know.

What really counts is who you know, and much more importantly who knows you. The most important network in the world for you is your own network (not Facebook’s).

It has become quite apparent to many of my readers that they do not have a very strong network. Some have found it easy to network their way into a consulting firm interview, others find it extremely difficult.

Now that you are working or transitioning to work again, it is time to take a look at shoring up your network.

The time to build a network is when you don’t need any help from them.

The best way to get a network of people willing to help you is to help them first.

True story:

One of the reasons I originally started was because I wanted to grow my pool of potential consulting clients for the year 2040.

Yes, 30 years from now.

Did I mention I am a long term thinker and a patient person?

In all likelihood I will be retired by then, but it pays to have backup plans! (That’s a useful lesson for everyday life, by the way.)

When I was debating whether or not to create the original case interview secrets videos, I thought at worst, nobody would pay attention to them.

At best, I would help a lot of very bright, super ambitious, over-achieving people launch their careers.

And statistically speaking, if I helped enough of them jumpstart their careers, then odds are some of those people would end up being Fortune 500 CEOs — and hopefully remember who helped them before their rise to the top.

Give first, and people will remember who you are and offer to help when you need it.

I already have invitations from readers in Cairo, Ecuador, Mumbai, Chicago, and many cities around the world to show me around next time I’m in town, have a cup of coffee, etc…

Those who serve others the most end up benefiting the most too.  (By the way, there is a gem of a client development strategy in that last sentence in case you missed it.)

Now the reason I mention this is because there is a very fast way to build one’s network — by borrowing someone else’s network!

For my successful members with jobs or job offers in consulting, I am assembling an alumni networking club of sorts.  It is a way for my “alumni” to contact each other in a mutually supportive way.

You know how in my emails I am always referring to some anonymous reader?  Well, not all of them want to stay anonymous. Those that have succeeded want to connect with others in a similar situation.

I will be providing networking tips to the club members on how to network with each other, providing access to each other, and basically instantly add a global network of super achievers to your network… pretty much overnight.

Club membership is a paid program, but since the club is new, I will be giving away 60-day free membership to all participants of my webinar on How to Succeed in Management Consulting.

You can see this video for more details on the webinar and the alumni club (details towards the end of the video).