With the help of your videos, among other things, I received an offer from a Top 3 today.  I stumbled across your videos right after my 1st round interview with a top 3 firm.

I had used the Vault guide to make my way through 1st round, and after receiving feedback, I needed more structure for the next round.

Your frameworks work wonders and make things much easier to analyze – they make sense!

I’m a graduate from a non top-tier business school in Canada (from a smaller city in Canada), quite a bit of extracurriculars such as case competitions and non-profit work.  Coming from a school that isn’t directly recruited was tough, especially off-cycle hiring, made it a bit more difficult, but it all went well.

Prior to that, I had gotten declined from every investment bank during either 1st or final round.   I guess ibanking just wasn’t for me, and they knew that when interviewing me and I knew that too.

Again, just wanted to thank you for your easy-to-view videos and simplified case structures.  It definitely helped.  Thanks!

Additional Details from This Person:

I only applied because I got a business card at a networking event from one of the Associates.  That was it.

I had missed regular recruiting in September since I had no idea I wanted to get into consulting.  I sent resumes to all the others, but most, right now, have finished their hiring for the year.

Yeah, the frameworks, profit and business situation were most helpful. Just gave me a good breakdown of how you would attack a case, and just ways to think critically.

As you mentioned in your videos, it helps you remember points you might not have.

I did find, however, that I would never, ever get through the entire framework (well, only tested in 3 interviews).  The XYZ Firm interviewer always led me one direction, and I’d just keep going down that path after a few questions (almost always after I asked about segments, they had data for – that was a saviour in every one).

Segmenting is ever so important, because that is the piece of data they most likely prepare for you.  Cost breakdown too, but I guess that’s segmenting too.  Haha.

Thanks again Victor, I’d love to keep in touch with you.  Feel free to pull things from this email as well to include.  I guess one thing that I’d like to note, is that you don’t have to be from a top-tier school to get noticed.

Comments from Me:

It’s quite common to no go through the entire framework. The purpose of the framework is to allow you to cover the major issues until you find THE issue. Then as you did so well, you want to dive into THE issue — which is usually has data tied to it.

Congrats! And have fun.