In life, the rich get richer, the successful get more successful, and the powerful get more powerful.

Separate from the debate of whether this is a good thing or not, most agree there is a tendency for these things to happen.

The question is, “Why?”

And, why does it matter to you?

When you’re rich, you’re able to use your capital to gain access to information, opportunities, and relationships that others don’t have access to.

When you’re successful, you want to work with, do business with, and be friends with other successful people. It’s a natural desire to want to spend time with your peers.

If you have really successful friends, you can’t help but learn from them. You gain a learning advantage.

Successful people have superior networks of relationships. Successful people also tend to help other successful people in the form of alliances. As a result, you get access to advantages that others outside the circle of success do not get.

Is this fair? Probably not.

Is it true? Most definitely.

Finally, people with power tend to accumulate power far more easily than those who have none. There is momentum to these things, and it’s as obvious as the sun rising in the morning.

For example, I’ve appeared in the Wall Street Journal several times. I’ve been quoted in TIME MagazineFortuneForbesEntrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. I’ve appeared on live national television three times. At this point in my career, it is quite easy to get media placements. Do you know why?

It’s because no reporter will get fired by quoting me. If anything ever goes wrong as a result of quoting me, they can say to their editor… “But The Wall Street Journal quoted him on four different occasions.” I’m a “safe” expert to quote.

You want to know which media placement was the hardest to get?

It was…

…the first one.

When I had no media resume, it was difficult to get anyone to quote me. Once I had one, it was less difficult to get the second placement. Once I got two placements, the third was much easier. The fourth was even easier. Now, I don’t even seek out reporters, they seek me out.

The powerful… get more powerful.

Again, is this fair? Nope.

Is it true? Absolutely.

Getting media credibility is one form of power and influence known as… gravitas.

Having a website that has had 28 million visitors is another.

Having an email newsletter that has been read by one million people over the years is another.

In every domain, there is a way to obtain gravitas.

There are two kinds of people in this world:

Those who have gravitas, and those who do not.

Among those who do not yet have gravitas, there are subcategories of individuals:

Those who know how to obtain gravitas, and those who do not.

If your goal is to accumulate power, success, and more, it is enormously helpful to understand how the world of gravitas works.

To some, gravitas is about learning secrets, insights, and strategies that others have not yet learned.

To others, gravitas is simply learning the rules of the game — you can’t win at tennis if you think you’re playing football. It doesn’t work.

The world of power has certain principles that govern it. Once you understand these rules, where power and influence come from, why some people have it and others don’t, it becomes relatively easy to use those rules to your advantage.

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