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I wanted to share this information with you on another resource I think might be helpful to you. As you are learning to “sell” your ideas in everyday life, this will often involve financial implications. Having a solid understanding of financial modeling and data analysis will help you to be effective in your selling efforts.

As you use selling techniques in the workplace, there’s a good chance that you’ll be interacting with the CFO or someone from the CFO’s office. To be effective in working with and communicating with others, it’s vital to know your audience. This is especially the case with CFOs.

In my Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit, I give you an executive summary briefing of the world of the CFO. I explain their tendencies, habits, biases, and view of business operations. In addition, I explain the most commonly used financial concepts that you must know to have an intelligent conversation with a CFO.

In order to support your proposal with numbers, you may spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data. So I’ve also included an important video tutorial that allows you to watch my computer screen as I walk through the data import process in Excel. I show you how I do a pre-assessment of the data set, what I’m looking for and why, and which settings in Excel I use to do a clean data import. This includes importing data, restricting the data to be in a format that’s easy for Excel to work with, and lots of little practical tips.

You’ll learn to become the financial modeling expert, and to anticipate the “what if” questions, do the analysis, and know the answer pro-actively. The technical tool that makes this possible is building a financial “what if” model in Microsoft Excel. In this Toolkit, I include a video tutorial that allows you to watch me build a financial model from scratch. Watch my screen as I go through each step, explaining both what I’m doing and why.

This program has been designed to provide you with the financial and data analysis skills needed for effective analysis in your career.


Details on the Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit:

This Toolkit includes three modules in mp4 video:

  • Module 1 – Financial Concepts
    A Practical Crash Course in Financial Concepts (and How to Ask Questions that Stump CFOs)
  • Module 2 – Data Import & Manipulation
    Data Importing, Cleansing, and Reformatting in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access
  • Module 3 – Excel Models
    How to Build “What If…” Models in Excel

Each video is over one hour, resulting in 4 hours video instruction total. In addition, transcripts for each of the three modules are included in pdf format.

Practical Details:

  • The investment for this Toolkit is $147.00.
  • We use industry-standard Mp4 and Adobe Acrobat pdf files that can be used across all major computing platforms.
  • The program is delivered digitally. You will get download instructions within 15 minutes of purchase.