I received an offer to join McKinsey & Company in (Asia Office) as a Business Analyst, and I am absolutely thrilled.

I would like to thank you for all the useful materials on your website and for the Look Over My Shoulder® program, which I purchased. The program has been extremely useful in polishing my habits for the case interviews.

I have a question on how to write a letter saying that I will accept the offer.

Should I write a brief letter stating my decision and a quick word of thanks, or should I write a longer, more detailed letter stating my excitement and determination to excel in the position?

I guess I’m not sure what to include in the letter. Will this letter be kept as part of my records at McKinsey?

Thank you again Victor. What you have done is incredible and I am very grateful for all the tips and materials.

My Reply:


And don’t worry so much, the hard part is over.

The way to accept the offer is to call the person who sent you the letter and say, “Yes, I accept the offer!”

That’s it. (I know, after all this preparation and hard work, it is a little hard to imagine it’s actually that easy… but it really is.)

I know I’ve been drilling the idea into everyone’s head about how to do the case interview the right way. And there is a right way to do these cases.

But, when it comes to accepting the offer, just say yes!

And do the person on the other end a favor, call them to say yes or to leave voicemail to say yes.

It tends to be the highlight of their day. Most recruiters have to make hundreds if not thousands of “rejection” calls, which is never fun for either person on the phone.

So it’s nice to be able to convey good news and to hear the enthusiastic reply.

Once you say yes, trust me… the McKinsey process will take over.  And you will be a part of the “Firm” or its alumni network for life.

If it is customary to formally accept offers in writing and no form was sent for you to do so, just write a very simple letter saying, “I accept”. Call to say you accept, and then mail it in.

It will probably be kept in your file, but I seriously doubt if anyone looks at it and if they do, they really won’t care unless it was to double check that you actually said yes.

You’re “in” – congratulations.