Achieve More by Doing Less

In school, success is simple.

Do your homework. Study hard. Get good grades.

The better your grades, the greater your success. 

The path to success is simple and clear.

In the working world, the parameters of success are quite different.

In school, the more you do, the more you succeed.

In the business world, the LESS you do, the more you succeed. 

The more you’re able to get OTHERS who work for or with you to get things done, the more you succeed.

This key insight baffles most individual contributors that struggle to get into managerial and leadership positions.

It’s counter-intuitive. 

When you only manage yourself, your personal output = your team’s total output. 

When you manage nine other people, your personal output is only 10% of the team’s total output. 

There’s far more leverage in managing the other nine people to raise the overall output of your team.

The more senior you become, the more you’re recognized and rewarded for results achieved THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE.

Superior people managers possess a skill that others lack. They possess a high degree of emotional intelligence.

People are not machines.

They are governed by human nature, psychology, and feelings.

The great people managers are able to connect with others at a human (aka emotionally aware) level.

When you have high emotional intelligence (EQ)…

You can read other people’s body language to judge someone else’s reaction to an idea, proposal, or request before they even say a word.

You can tell when a person says one thing, but actually means the exact opposite.

You have the ability to determine what somebody else wants and to help them get what they want (in a way that gets you what you want).

When you manage other people, high EQ skills are a must. It’s the key skill to help you get more out of your team.

When you don’t manage any other people, high EQ skills are even more important.

When you have no formal authority, the only way you get others to help you is showing them a way to get what they want by helping you get what you want.

(This is what MBB consultants do every day, all day long… no formal authority, yet deeply influential at the highest levels of the organization.)

If your career involves working with, persuading, or managing others, it’s worth developing your EQ skills — skills that are with rare exception never taught in the classroom.

Because these skills are so important, but rarely taught, I plan to teach a class on this specific topic. To learn more about developing your EQ skills, just complete the form below to be included when I send out articles and resources on improving emotional intelligence, including information on my upcoming class.

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