Below is a success story from a student who received an offer from AT Kearney in Europe coming from a non-MBA background. In his story he shares his tips for the tools he found most useful to prepare for the AT Kearney case interview.

Success Story:

I just wanted to write you a brief note to thank you for all the useful tools you’ve provided me with in my search for a consulting career.

Thanks to you, I’ve recently accepted an offer at A.T. Kearney Europe, and I couldn’t have done it without your help. I would specifically like to point to the simple and easy structure you laid out in your case frameworks as being extremely helpful.

After working through case material from other sources, your business situation framework stood out as one that was much easier to implement and remember during stressful case interviews.

In the end, I truly believe that the way you taught me to structure my problem solving was the determining factor in getting the offer.

I also utilized the LOMS program in my preparations, along with practicing live cases with friends.

Both were extremely helpful, and it allowed me to utilize all the lessons learned in the LOMS program in real life situations.

Coming from a non-MBA background with no business experience, it became vital for my confidence to go through the LOMS program about 5-6 times, along with conducting around 40 live interviews, which was also something you encouraged.

Again, thank you for all the help and daily emails. I always took the time to read them throughout my interview process, and there was always something useful to pick up.