Here are a few success stories from readers that contain some useful tips for others pursuing a career with Bain.

Success Story:

Just received an offer at Bain & Co. What luck to have come across your website a week before the final round!

What separates your exposition about applying frameworks to case interviews (and life really!) from all the other ‘for-profit’ guides is the focus on ‘application’ as opposed to ‘framework’.

It was never made clear to me exactly why and how the 4 C’s (say) become relevant to a general business situation. Your video presentations made amply clear where a particular line of questioning is supposed to take you (what purpose drives the particular analysis), which dramatically changed how I approached cases.

I want to say I’m so very grateful that all of your advice is freely available online for anyone to access. You’re a real equalizer! Thank you again.

My Reply:

Congrats! Bain is a great firm and they give their AC’s a lot of responsibility.

Thanks for your feedback.

I think one thing I’ll point out about the case interview frameworks on my site is they are NOT primarily intended to help one pass case interviews. They are intended to help clients fix their businesses!

Many people seem to forget that point. Glad you found them useful.

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Success Story:

I’ve already sung your praises (in past emails) so will keep this brief to mention I’ve received an offer at my top choice, Bain. Will be starting there in XXXXXXX office in September most likely.

I hope you are getting what you hoped for from the website, which everyone finds fantastically useful.

Success Story:

I wanted to THANK YOU for all the material that you have prepared and it significantly helped me in my career move. I have 15+ years of industry experience and wanted to switch to management consulting having no previous experience in consulting field though I have MBA from [Top 10 MBA Program].

With help of your material, I barely prepared for about 1 month and was able to successfully interview with and receive offers from Bain and McKinsey (only 2 companies that I tried). I accepted the offer from Bain to join as a Manager. Thanks again for the most relevant, organized and valuable case material.

My Comments:

Congratulations! Bain’s a great firm. Since you’re new to consulting, you might also want to take a look at my program on How to Succeed in Consulting.