Below is a success story from a recent BCG Hire that received an offer in a US office as an international student, in the story he shares his tips for demonstrating confidence and control in a case interview.

I just want to say thank you very much for all the materials and emails you have to help prepare for case interviews!

They are very helpful, not only for the recruiting process, but also for building up my logical mind set.

I received offers from several consulting firms this fall and am going to join BCG in the U.S.

Don’t know whether you still need experience sharing, but here is mine:

I think the other success stories about preparation and interviews are very insightful, so I will not write more about those parts. My piece of advice to your students is the importance of confidence and control during the interview.

I myself am an international student, and this is just my 3rd year in U.S. It was pretty hard for me to maintain confidence in front of experience interviewers! On one hand, my speaking English is not perfect, and on the other hand they are really the expert in this field.

Though I read a lot from your emails, and try to prepare myself to be “colleague like” and “client ready”; I got rejected by McKinsey for the second round. The feedback was good analysis, but not strong/persuasive enough during communication.

I went back and compare my own style to the LOMS, and found that sometimes I am too humble, too friendly, but kind of lost the control and power during the interview. This is a important learning to me.

During the later interviews, I was more serious at the beginning and synthesis phases of the interview, while still being warm & friendly during analysis. That led to my successes in other interviews.

Again, I think confidence and control is an important part to notice and may help people move from 90% – 85% during the interviews. Hope it will be helpful.

Thank you again for developing the LOMS and the They truly help, not only on interviews, but also on improving the way people think.

I wish you all the best on your business and hope to see you in the future!