In a meeting, two people can express the exact same idea, and one will be overlooked while the other will be taken seriously.

If you’re like me, you’ve witnessed this phenomenon your entire career.

You may have even been the person whose ideas were overlooked.

Why does this happen?

Clearly, the reaction you receive is not based solely on the caliber of the ideas you present.

There’s obviously something more…

But what is it?

What is that X factor that causes one person to be taken seriously, but not another?

In a word, it’s…


Gravitas is the Latin word for serious… as in being taken seriously.

Some people possess gravitas, while others do not.

That much is obvious.

However, what’s equally true is that nobody was born with gravitas.

Like most behavioral traits, some people develop gravitas intuitively, naturally, and unconsciously.

For the rest of us, we must de-construct, understand, and practice the building blocks needed to develop gravitas.

This is so important that I recently taught a class on how to do just that. While the class was limited, you haven’t missed the opportunity to benefit from it.

I will be releasing my program on How to Develop Gravitas for a limited time next month. If you’d like to receive articles about developing gravitas and be notified when the program is available, just complete the form below. 

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