I’ve been interested and trying to get into the consulting field since 2007. Unfortunately, my university/college marks were severely affected by some family issues at the time.

Since what’s done is done, I’ve been trying to get into the industry through experience rather than academia, but every single entry-level role I am put forward for asks for a transcript and when that arrives, everything stops dead in its tracks.

Anything that you might be able to suggest to overcome this hurdle? Ideas or feedback would be great. Love your work; it’s gold!


My Reply:

Thanks for your note. Your cover letter needs to pro-actively state: “Hey, my grades were lousy due to family issues…” maybe elaborate on them… and say, “But as evidence I am capable, see my GRE scores, GMAT scores, scores in my first two years before the family issue,” etc.  Make your case.  Prove your conclusion that you are a good candidate with data.

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