Any time a decision needs to be made, two roles often emerge.

There’s the role of the decider versus the role of the critic.

Anybody can be a critic. If a critic criticizes and is wrong, rarely does anybody go back and blame the critic.

For the critic, there is no downside to criticizing. A critic only has to say your idea stinks. He doesn’t have to come up with a better idea.

Being a decider is far more difficult. When you make a decision, you and you alone have to live with the consequences.

You have to live with the consequences of potentially being wrong.

Deciders sometimes get fired for being wrong. Critics rarely do.

In many ways, it feels safer to be the critic.

However, critics never make progress in this world. They talk, but they don’t usually take action or make progress.

Deciders initiate.

Deciders lead.

Deciders live with consequences.

It’s not easy being a decider.

There’s an American idiomatic expression that refers to this phenomenon. It’s called “the burden of leadership.”

While everybody likes the idea of being a boss, far fewer people like the responsibility that comes with the role.

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