Much has been said about the value of pursuing dreams.

Some say that the purpose of life is to pursue your dreams.

Others say that pursuing dreams is an unrealistic, self-indulgent waste of time.

My take is… wait for it…

… it depends. 🙂

[I know, I know… that’s a classic consultant answer that can never be proven wrong… but it’s true!]

Okay, let me explain.

There are two types of dreams:

  1. Dreams of achieving a particular outcome. The value of pursuing the dream is entirely dependent on whether the goal is achieved.
  2. Dreams that involve awakening a part of you that lies sadly dormant otherwise. In this kind of dream, the value is in the pursuit of the dream, and not solely in whether the goal is achieved.

I call the first type of dream a “destination dream.” The value of the dream is based on the outcome. The second type, I call a “journey dream.” The value is in the journey itself.

There’s a place for both types of dreams. One observation I’ll make is that from a mental health standpoint, journey dreams are more conducive to greater emotional resilience and stability.

If all of your dreams are destination dreams, what happens if you don’t reach any of your desired destinations?

In contrast, when you pursue journey dreams, it’s really about bringing alive a part of yourself that wouldn’t otherwise be acknowledged. Whether you end up at the stated destination or not is secondary.

What’s the relative mix of your dreams? It’s worth reflecting on…

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