You have a great site but looks like caters to only fresh grads/MBAs! I wish I practiced cases well. McK interviewed me twice and I screwed it up both the times.

I am a [U.S. University] grad (MBA), working for [tech firm] business consulting for 4 years. Now thinking of applying to other consulting cos and I believe case practice still applies. What kind of service do you offer for candidates like me?

My Reply:

The material I teach is mainly how to be an effective consultant at the top 3 consulting firms, largely disguised as case interview prep material. So all the materials definitely appy for lateral and experienced hires and have been used successfully for this purpose by others.

Cases still apply for experienced hires, though often the performance expectation might be slightly higher. In terms of resources, I would start with my Look Over My Shoulder program which has 20+ hours of case recordings.

In your situation, I’d focus on the best practice examples. You want to isolate why you didn’t perform well the last time around, and work on any weak spots. In addition, you might also consider working with one my case interview coaches. All are former McKinsey, Bain and BCG consultants and/or interviewers. If you want the blunt truth as to what you’re doing correctly (or not) they will tell you. You can find more info at

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking, especially as an experienced hire.  For help with this, see my guide on How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview.

Good luck!