Last week, Citigroup announced that they are appointing Jane Fraser to be CEO. She will be the first woman CEO of a major Wall Street investment bank.

Jane was actually the very first person I ever worked with at McKinsey. She was my first manager on my first engagement during my first week at the firm.

I remember her being wicked smart and incredibly kind with high emotional intelligence (EQ). In my first week on the job, she gave me some feedback on how to improve my segmentation analysis for a client and how to work with different people on the team.

I lost track of Jane years ago. It was quite cool to find out from the front page of the Wall Street Journal that she will be a Fortune 500 CEO.

When she takes over as CEO, she will be one of approximately 38 women to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

I am beyond thrilled for her.

Here’s more on her career path via the New York Times:

Citigroup’s Fraser to Be First Woman to Lead a Big Wall Street Bank

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