When I started my career, I was under the impression that in the workplace you always get what you deserve.

I was naive and wrong.

There are plenty of deserving people who never get the credit, promotion, or raises they deserve.

Perhaps you can relate.

Many years later, I realized the following truth: 

You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you “sell” others on giving you.

Nearly all of life involves selling, persuading, or convincing others to do what you want them to do.

If you don’t know how to sell your ideas, you don’t get very far in your career.

With no exception, your career progress is always in the hands of others.

If you work in a large company, your career progress is determined by your boss and your boss’s boss.

If you change jobs, your career progress is determined by the interviewer.

If you work for yourself, your career progress is determined by whether your clients hire you or not.

In literally every aspect of your professional life, your career progression is determined largely by others.

This is an inconvenient truth.

Another inconvenient truth is that if you want to get ahead, you must get good at selling your ideas and yourself to others.

If sales is not your strong suit, it’s worth investing the energy to learn this useful skill.

I recently conducted an 8-hour class on How to Sell Your Ideas in Everyday Life. Although it has not yet been available this year, I will have a limited release next month. For future articles on how to sell your ideas, and to be notified of the release, just complete the form below.

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