You might not remember me, but I must say I owe a big deal to you.

Close to a year ago, I was unsuccessful with my applications for internships with consulting firms, getting only one interview and failing that too. That was when I came across your site and sent you an email on how I should write my cover letter, which you kindly replied to as well.

As the full time recruitment season in Autumn 2010 approached, I returned to your site and subscribed to your mailing list too.

Your videos and posts on the case interview process gave me an excellent introduction to consulting interviews, and I could not have found a more comprehensive site detailing the work, life and opportunities of consulting.

After months of practice with friends and by myself (I am unfortunately not incredibly talented), and after many rounds with different firms and with varying degrees of success, I have been made an offer with L.E.K., which I have been very keen on working at.

I would like to thank you for all the success stories that you shared, the many advice that you have given, and your honest perspective on the good and bad of consulting work.

They have been very inspirational and were certainly an eye-opener. It was definitely great to hear the success stories of many like-minded individuals, the opportunities and exposure that you experience in your time at McKinsey and after, and also your wonderful answers to the many different questions posed by applicants from all over the world on all possible kinds of scenarios!

Little did I realise myself, but those emails from you contributed a great deal to my motivation to work harder to secure that job offer.

Once again, thank you so much for your help! I will be looking forward to your webinar and posts on how to succeed as a new consultant. Your materials are truly amazing.

And it does feel great to graduate =)

My Comments:

I offered a private congratulations to the person who wrote in.

For you, I wanted to point out that recently, I revised and added new online tutorials and articles on how to write a consulting cover letter and what employers look for in a consulting resume.

If you are in the “getting an interview” stage of your recruiting process, I suggest taking a look at these resources:

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