What follows is a success story from a CaseInterview.com student who recently received an offer from LEK. In her story she shares tips on how to persevere after rejection, a skill I find to be one of the most important in the case interview process.

Success Story:

I want to say thank you for all the materials you provide (LOMS, eNewsletter, etc.)

I received the offer from LEK yesterday and accepted it. I’m excited to be a F1Y soon.

Actually, this is not the first time I applied for consulting jobs. I graduated with MSc degree two years ago. I applied and got rejected from all firms at that time. What’s ironic is that I remembered the comment to me from one LEK interviewer is “CONSULTING IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY”.

At that time, I doubted myself and thought I may not be “Consulting Material”. And I gave up the thought of being a consultant and instead entered a commercial bank.

Two years later, I came across your website, I was totally impressed. And it reignited my hope and I decided to take a shoot again. Guess what, I succeeded.

Now I look back on that comment from that consultant at LEK, what I realize is that I really was NOT “Consulting Material” two years ago, but I am now.

Consulting is not for everybody at ANYTIME, but consulting could be for anyone when he or she is ready.

Thank you again Victor! I have already joined your new consultant email letter and definitely will consider the How to Succeed in Management Consulting program.

Thank you again for all of these. They DO change my life.