Several years ago, I checked the course catalogs for the MBA programs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton. I was checking to see if they offered a class in one of the single most important skills one needs to run a company — the ability to sell.

Much to my complete shock, there were none. 

Not a single class on how to sell. 

Fifty percent of the profit and loss statement is comprised of SALES.

Without sales, it’s mathematically impossible to have profits.

In business and in life, you’re selling every single day even if you don’t realize it.

You’re selling your ideas to your boss or colleagues.

You’re selling your client on a new offering.

You’re selling your boss on adopting your specific engineering design.

You’re selling your employees on building a career with you.

You’re selling your kids on staying in school.

Despite all of this, most people coming out of business schools have a negative association with sales.

“That’s ‘blue collar’ work.”

“You don’t need a Harvard MBA to be good at sales.” 

“Sales is beneath me.”

“I want to be an investment banker or consultant. Those are more prestigious and more noble professions than… sales.”

These people work long hours and hopefully get promoted. If they are fortunate, they get promoted to the partner level and become… yes…


Isn’t that just so ironic?

After all, what do you think consulting firm partners or investment bank managing directors do all day?

They SELL new work to clients.

If you want to be an entry-level consultant, learn to do analysis.

If you want to be partner, learn to sell.

Since the top business schools don’t do nearly enough to teach this vital skill called selling, I will be writing more articles to introduce the skill to you.

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