I get a lot of emails from CIBs coming out of non-target schools that ask how they can secure an interview without having a top University on their resumes. I’ve assembled a list of articles I’ve posted regarding this topic, with very useful suggestions from other candidates and my thoughts, to help you succeed if you are from a non-target school.

The following article includes a field report and suggestions from a CIB from a non-target school who was able to secure offers from McKinsey and Oliver Wyman:
Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

This field report is from a CIB with a unique background who faced many disadvantages, and reports the steps he took to secure the offer. This candidate offered specific suggestions from what he learned in the process:
From Ad Agency & Non-Target School to McKinsey Offer

The candidate that wrote this report faced rejection from all of the top firms but persevered…ending up securing several offers:
Bain Offer from Non-Target School

Here is another success story from a F1Y coming from a non-target school:
BCG Offer from Non-Target School

This CIB (from a non-target school) secured Bain and Accenture internship offers, and offered unique advice for other candidates:
Management Consulting Interview Stress

This field report is from a F1Y coming from a Top 200 University. My thoughts that follow include important instruction for CIBs from non-target schools:
McKinsey Offer from Top 200 University

If you’ve read through the above articles, you’ll see that it is possible to secure an MBB offer from a non-target school. Take note of the three recurring suggestions throughout these articles:

1) Network.
I can’t emphasize enough how important networking is, especially without a top University on your resume. For help with this, see my guide:
How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview

2) Fine tune your resume/CV. 
For help with this, see my video at:
Consulting Resume

3) Persevere!
If you’ve chosen consulting as your career path and are willing to put in the work to get the offer, you can be successful if you don’t give up.
When Rejection Gets you Down [Video]

Good luck!