The following success stories come from readers who have landed offers after graduating from non-target schools.

Success Story:

I wanted to thank you for your case interview videos. I must admit that I didn’t use your materials extensively (ran through the 6 hour free overview once and listened to 2-3 LOMS cases), but I believe your frameworks and commentary helped me seem a little less raw in my interviews.

As a result, despite my extremely limited case interview practice, I was able to land a BCG offer from a non-target before the normal full-time recruiting cycle.

I hope to look through your materials more thoroughly before I start but wanted to let you know that even a quick skim helped me in my process.

My Reply:

Congratulations. Glad to know my materials were helpful. Nice job!

Success Story:

I want to take the time to express my gratitude for the materials you have posted online. I am a graduating senior at [U.S university – non-target] who has spent the past four months trying to make my way into consulting. After networking, prepping, and interviewing over a four month period, I was able to secure offers from Ernst & Young (Business Advisor Program) and IBM (Consulting by Degrees). I’m happy to say that next year I will begin my career as an IBMer!

As you already know, making it into consulting from a non-target school is very difficult, but not impossible. Fortunately, [my university] has an incredible co-op program in which students can gain up to a year and a half of work experience prior to graduation. I have had the opportunity to work at three different firms in the financial services sector, where I was able to develop my technical and interpersonal skills.

These experiences definitely helped me secure interviews and provided me with plenty of stories to draw upon during the behavioral-based interviews. I also was lucky enough to take a consulting class in which I was able to help a local small business!

As far as the case preparation goes, I used several sources, but your materials were the most effective by far. I found your frameworks easy to follow and flexible enough so that I could use them in a way that fit my understanding of the case. Thanks again!