Something completely coincidental happened the other day.

I wrote an article titled “Why New Market Entries Often Fail.”

On that exact same day, my younger brother, Larry Cheng, who runs his own venture capital firm, Volition Capital, was on MSNBC talking about how to successfully pitch to investors.

It turns out that what he talked about on national TV and what I wrote in my article were essentially identical.

He and I have never discussed this topic before and neither one of us knew about the other’s activities on that day. We came to the same conclusions completely independently of one another, and shared our thoughts publicly on the exact same day.

Quite a coincidence.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, entering new markets, or learning how venture capitalists think, watch the short video above.

(By the way, this is probably his 15th television appearance. I was his television media coach early on. He looks pretty confident, polished, and concise on TV — much improved from his first attempt a few years ago.

If you’re enrolled in my now sold-out self-esteem and self-confidence course, I will be sharing with you what I taught him. Projecting confidence is very much a learnable skill.)