Success = Being good at something.

Satisfaction = Doing something that’s personally meaningful to you. 

The two are not the same thing. 

There also is not a causal relationship between the two. 

Success does not automatically bring you satisfaction.

Most people assume such a relationship when that’s not always the case.

The key driver of success is competence and achieving positive outcomes.

The key driver of satisfaction comes from targeting opportunities that have greater personal significance to you than others.

It is entirely possible to have meaning in your life simply by choosing what you focus your time on doing.

If you have no idea what’s personally meaningful for you, then, by all means, experiment, develop one or more competencies, and be successful.

However, it’s important to notice which pursuits feel good to you.

In other words, don’t just go to multiple successful “destinations” on your various journeys in life. Notice which “journeys” you find meaningful in and of themselves.

It’s true that sometimes you need to develop a certain level of competence in an area to enjoy it.

After all, doing something really poorly isn’t usually very satisfying.

Of course, the idea is to lead a life that’s both personally satisfying and successful (in every sense of the word).

Just realize that success doesn’t always automatically lead to deep personal satisfaction.

They are two separate concepts that you ideally want to integrate into a cohesive life or career strategy.

Most people I know spend a lot of time and energy trying to lead a successful life. Most also spend a lot less time trying to lead a deeply satisfying life.

In life, you get what you focus on. The key is to choose what you focus on… wisely.

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