Seahawks Interception

This is the winning play that allowed the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIX over the Seattle Seahawks (click play and Watch on YouTube):

What’s fascinating about this play by Malcolm Butler is how many hours of analytical research, probability analysis and practice went into pulling this play off.

The Patriots had practiced all year to defend against this particular offense configuration. They practiced defending against this play with Malcolm Bultler (the hero of the game) never being able to succeed in practice at this play. But with all that preparation for this particular scenario, Malcolm Butler pulled it off when it mattered most.

The video below is a documentary behind all the analysis and practice that went into preparing for a very specific, and probabilistic scenario (click play and Watch on YouTube).

This example shows what using statistics, probabilities, and disciplined practice can do to achieve a positive outcome. The same principle can be applied to arenas outside of football.