Being a CEO is not complicated. A good CEO decides what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Being a CEO is about deciding strategy and then leading people to execute the strategy.

While being a CEO is simple (conceptually), it is not easy (to do). 

The easiest way to stand out in industry is to think decisions through like a CEO would. Very few people ever do this.

If you can, you stand out.

It’s that simple.

One of the easiest ways to think like a CEO is to make every presentation, proposal or plan you present a CROSS-FUNCTIONAL presentation.

If you’re in finance proposing a change in financing offered to clients, then go talk to leaders in Sales and Marketing to get their input on your ideas.

A CEO ALWAYS thinks cross-functionally.

Yet 99% of everybody else in the organization does not.

A marketing executive is biased to see decisions from a marketing perspective.

A sales executive is biased to see decisions from a sales perspective.

A finance executive is biased to see decisions from a finance perspective.

So, when you’re the only marketer in your department that fully grasps all the R&D-related issues stemming from your marketing plan, you stand out.

When you’re the only one in finance that understands the concerns of the sales team, you stand out.

When you can see every project you work on from multiple functional perspectives, you become extremely useful to CEOs and the executive team.

You speak their language.

You “get” it.

The key to holding this advantageous position in your organization is to learn to develop CEO-level skills.

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