By the time you read this, I will be in my kitchen with my green apron on, cooking up my part of Thanksgiving dinner.

I’ll be playing my favorite playlist on Pandora.

I’ll be surrounded by friends and family.

I’ll be monitoring the thermometer for my turkey to make sure it’s ready to be served.

And I’ll be coaching one of the eight kids (not all mine!) that will be over today on how to make mashed potatoes or candied yams (Hint: lots and lots of butter).

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the focus is on appreciating what you have in your life.

It’s about gratitude.

It’s not about lamenting about what you don’t have.

It’s not about wondering what the future will bring.

It’s about expressing deep gratitude for what’s good in your life in this moment.

It’s about being present in… well… the present… and seeing all the beauty that’s in it.

As for me, I have a wonderful life.

I really do.

I can’t imagine it being any better.

I’m surrounded by people I love, care about, and respect.

I have the great honor of being a teacher and mentor to hundreds of thousands of people like you.

I have the luxury of time to ponder ideas that fascinate and sometimes perplex me… until they finally make sense.

I have a career that has allowed me to work from home since my first daughter was born 14 years ago.

I’m lucky to have three amazing daughters — all uniquely different from each other — and to be able to raise them.

I’m also deeply grateful for you.

Much of what’s wonderful in my life would not be possible without you.

I feel deeply honored that you invest your most precious asset… your time… in reading my thoughts.

I’m so appreciative that you tell other people about me and my work.

Because of this, I don’t have to spend any time trying to find an audience for my work.

Instead, I use that extra time to contemplate ideas, to explore them by writing about them, and to spend time with my girls.

It’s a privileged life, and I know it.

I don’t take one second of it for granted.

Thank you for your part in making my life possible. It’s a life that has long since exceeded my greatest dreams.

I am deeply grateful and always will be.

With Much Appreciation,
– Victor