Today is my favorite U.S. holiday — Thanksgiving.

It is a holiday devoted to being grateful for what we have and appreciate in our lives.

On this day, I am grateful for… (wait for it)… three things:

(I know, I know… even my gratitude is in concise McKinsey synthesis format… 🙂 )

1) I am in good physical and mental health.

2) I live a life surrounded by many people who love and care about me.

3) I have the greatest job in the world — learning, teaching, and helping others achieve their dreams.

I take none of these for granted.

These three things have not always existed in my life the way they do today.

A few years ago, I had a health scare. It was a false alarm that prompted me to take my physical care more seriously.

Earlier in my life, I struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, and depression. I’m grateful to have overcome those challenges with healthy long-term solutions.

I’ve also had periods of my career where I was miserable, disillusioned, and extremely unfulfilled. I’m appreciative that these darker days are in my past and not in my present.

In particular, I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to you.

You may not realize it, but you’ve played a major part in what I can only describe as an amazing and blessed life.

Over the years, I’ve received thousands of “thank you” emails from readers about how has changed their lives for the better.

The great irony has been that it has been MY life that has changed for the better.

As my work on grew, I was able to shift my career from doing individual client work to doing more writing and teaching.

This shift has allowed me to devote more time each week to my physical and mental health, building relationships with my family and friends, and doing what I love for work — learning, teaching, and helping others.

I thank you for investing your most precious resource — your time and attention — in reading what I write.

I am honored you make the choice.

I am grateful to you for telling others about me and my work on

It is difficult for me to comprehend that each year my writings reach over 1 million readers.

These readers come from 226 countries and territories around the world. (This is according to Google. I know the United Nations only recognizes 193 countries, and the fact that I am even aware of such a distinction is quite humbling in and of itself.)

99.99% of those readers found me by word of mouth from you and others.

To my hundreds of thousands of readers in the U.S, United Kingdom, and India, thank you.

To my 558 readers from Iran, thank you.

To my 234 readers from Kyrgyzstan, thank you.

To my 16 readers from Cuba, thank you.

To my 1 reader from Sao Tome & Principe, thank you too. (And I confess I will be using Google maps to figure out where in the world you live.)

The shift in my career to focus more on has given me the flexible schedule to be present for my kids when they needed me most.

It has enabled me to be a better dad.

It has allowed me to create lifelong memories with my kids and to realize my dream of raising them to the best of my ability.

When my oldest daughter was being bullied, I was there every night to coach her through it.

When my middle daughter was overwhelmed with her new school, I was there to help her find a solution.

When my little one was anxious about going to school alone, I was there — sitting in the school hallway all day for weeks until she had the confidence to go on her own.

At every turn of life, when my kids have needed me, I’ve been there. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this for them.

That has only been possible because of you.

Without you, I would not have the amazing life that I do.

At moments like these, it is hard to find the right words to express how I feel.

The best I can do is to simply say…


I am deeply appreciative.

With Much Gratitude,

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