Question about a Written Case Interview:

I have made the second round interview at a consulting firm. I was expecting to have a case interview face-to-face, however I have been advised in this round the format will be a written case where I need to prepare a powerpoint presentation from a large amount of reports, but will not present it.

In further rounds, there will be a standard case format. Do you have any advice on how to approach this style, given I have been preparing for a non-written format? The feedback they gave me in the first round as well, was I need to be more concise with my answers.

Therefore there is pressure to extract the right information in this round to confirm to them I can be more concise.

My Reply:

The process is not that much different. Instead of verbal conclusions, you write it down. The key part is a written case forces you to decide on your main point and makes it impossible to just talk in a roundabout way (which is possible in a verbal format). Here are a few articles on how to best prepare:

In terms of your conclusions, a good way to practice is to read a business magazine and write an executive briefing for each article. Not a summary of what the article said, but instead, articulate the implications of the article for an imaginary client.

Good luck!