In a corporate strategic plan, it’s often easy to come up with big goals of what the company could or should do.

The far more difficult part is allocating resources (people, finances, attention span) because there are never enough resources to do everything you could do.

The same is true in your personal life and career plans.

Here’s a simple example.

Question 1a:
What is your #1 personal goal this year?

Question 1b:
What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning (after your morning hygiene routine)?

Do your answers to these two questions match?

Question 2a:
What is your #1 career goal this year?

Question 2b:
What is the first thing you do at the start of your workday?

Do your answers to these two questions match?

If they do, that’s an example of aligning your #1 priority with your #1 time slot for your personal or professional life.

Now the first thing in the morning at home (or the start of your day at work) may not be your most productive time slot.

Don’t confuse the details with the over-arching principle, which is: the #1 priority gets first in line access to ALL relevant resources — your calendar, your time, your attention, your energy.

Sometimes you can’t implement a principle to its fullest — and that’s okay. It’s a part of life.

However, just because you can’t implement the principle exactly all the time, it is not the same as not making every effort to get as close as is feasible.

If you want big results in your life and career, you must be willing to ask yourself the hard questions… and to be honest with your answers.

High achievers do this.

Average achievers do not. 

Doing this is an uncomfortable process because quite often, you don’t like your answers to these self-asked questions.

The trick is to channel that discomfort into making some difficult choices to align your resources (e.g., your time, energy, and attention) to your priorities, instead of dealing with the discomfort by avoiding the issue entirely.

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