One of the single most powerful, life-changing, and career-changing tools is the ability to understand what somebody else needs.

I know that sounds terribly anticlimactic but hear me out.

Every breakthrough product came about because someone figured out a customer’s underlying need (which is sometimes different than what they ask for) and figured out a way to give it to her.

As a CEO, you recruit the most talented executive team by understanding what each new hire needs in order to say “yes” to working for you.

The happiest intimate partnerships come from knowing what your partner needs from you (and your partner knowing what you need from them) and both working to meet those needs.

As a parent, the way you raise children to be happy, well-adjusted adults is to continually figure out what they need from you right now.

From market breakthroughs to marital breakthroughs, these all come from understanding needs.

Sometimes, you need to understand your own needs.

Are you unfulfilled at work? What do you need to be fulfilled?

Are you depressed about your life? What unmet need do you have that’s contributing to your depression?

Are you procrastinating from your work even though you “know” you shouldn’t? What need is being met by your procrastination?

Needs are central to the human experience.

Understanding needs is the key to relating to other human beings.

People who build enviable networks of contacts do so by understanding what others need.

Entrepreneurs that build breakthrough products do so by understanding market needs.

People who live deeply satisfying lives do so by understanding what they need in order to have a remarkable life.

What do you need right this moment?

What do the people around you need right now?

Both are equally important questions.

These are the kinds of topics that I strongly encourage my Inner Circle Mentorship Program members to pay attention to in their lives.

It is simple concepts like this that make the difference between merely getting by in life versus thriving.

I will be opening up my mentorship program to new members in a few weeks. If you’d like to learn more about my mentorship program and be notified when it is available for enrollment, fill out the form below.

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